Your business – my alignment

I understand that the following cover only gives you a preview into my capability and experience. I would much rather research the potential role or project before writing up a tailored cover letter that highlights my strength and why I think I am the right person for the job. If you prefer to go down that route, please contact me with your request or continue reading.

I believe in developing my capacity to which I can assist in the creation of an inclusive work environment where ideas are heard, contributions are acknowledged and problems are shared. This is achievable regardless of the industry and the size of the organisation. Call me an optimist. I completed my Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics (Hons) Majoring in Multimedia which emphasises my enjoyment of all things technical and my systematic approach to any given task. Stemming from the same technical branch is my familiarity with information technology; computers – software and hardware included.

On the opposite side of the spectrum is my passion for photography, graphic design and web design which gives me the freedom of expression. I have vast experience working with various businesses and individuals over the years; highlighted by my previous role as an in-house photographer/graphic designer for one of Southeast Asia’s largest sporting equipment supplier.

I am currently manage Millennium Security and Alarms Services who are one of the largest locally owned security firms in Darwin. The combination of my current work scope and the responsibilities leading up to my position has me familiarised with the demands of operating a business. I have substantial experience dealing with clients, staff management, recruitment, security operations, tender submissions, procurement, asset management and general accounting. With my Certificate IV in Security and Risk Management, I have the qualification required to perform in-depth security assessments. I am also responsible for the implementation of work health; a duty which I take very seriously.


Yours sincerely,

Ezra Nathaniel